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Versatile folding tables perfect for any occasion

Folding Trestle Table Melbourne

Folding Tables and Chairs are proud to offer folding trestle tables Australia-wide, available in various sizes and with matching chairs to suit. We offer some sizes no others have. In addition to folding trestle tables, Melbourne locals can also turn to us for round tables in many sizes, kids’ tables, folding chairs to suite your style.

The products we sell at Folding Tables and Chairs are the same as those we use in our hire division, as we are confident in their quality and durability without being a liability.

Get all the space you need with our large tables

Large Foldable Table Melbourne

If you have been looking for a large foldable table, Melbourne party planners can count on Folding Tables and Chairs. Our large tables can be kept on hand to accommodate meetings, parties, councils, schools and offices. Despite being large, these foldable tables can be easily handled, packed up and put aside. We have extra long and extra wide tables to cater to your requirements.

Perfect for any nook or cranny

Small Foldable Table Melbourne

Looking for a small foldable table? Melbourne’s Folding Tables and Chairs are sure to please! Our small foldable tables can easily be stored at your venue,1.2m rounds, 1.2x 60cm, 1.5m round table, 1.6m round table, 80cm round side fold table etc. Be it your private residence, a school, council building, office or function, ready to be purchased for events and parties.

Explore our diverse range of folding tables today

Plastic Folding Table Online Australia

Folding Tables and Chairs offer plastic folding tables online Australia-wide that are lightweight, flexible, durable and suitable for a number of different uses. Simply stock up on plastic Round folding tables, trestle tables or any of our other practical tables to ensure that your premises are always ready for events and occasions.

Why choose us?

We have been importing and manufacturing our products for over 10 years and our suppliers know the high quality we require from our products. We pride ourselves on our quality products and use them all in our Hire division with the peace of mind that they are not a liability to use. We offer a 2-year factory warranty on all our goods, this does not include self-inflicted damage. Our prices on our tables and chairs are very reasonable for the quality of the units and our product lines are always growing.

Our Commitment to You!

Folding Chairs Folding Tables

To supply quality Folding Trestle tables and folding chairs at a cost-effective price so you get long time use from them.

Positive Commitment

We understand that any task can bring challenges and we pride ourselves in solving problems to ensure our customers’ success. The staff view challenges as opportunities to grow and find better solutions for each event.

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