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Folding Tables and Chairs are the experts for table and chair sales Melbourne-wide, offering an extensive range of foldable tables and chairs for sale. Our speciality is round tables and trestle tables, which can be used at parties, meetings, conferences, school events and more.
By turning to Folding Tables and Chairs for table sales, Melbourne residents can be sure they are purchasing a quality product and NOT a low quality hardware store table. Our plastic tables feature hardwearing finishes and powder coated legs, allowing you to use them year after year. In fact, the tables and chairs we sell are the same ones we hire out to customers, as we know there are no liabilities associated with using them. We offer a 2 year factory warranty on all products, as long as any damage sustained to products was not self-inflicted.
As all our tables have foldable legs, you will be able to enjoy convenient set up, pack up and storage. By purchasing your own tables instead of hiring, you can make sure you have the equipment you need exactly when you need it, whether that’s to host surprise guests, cater to meetings or make room for extra customers. Our foldable tables are ideal for entertaining surprise guests, displaying stock at a stall or exhibition, conducting meetings / presentations at offices and councils, and much, much more!
Folding Tables and Chairs have been leaders when it comes to table sales Melbourne-wide for over 10 years, going the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. For additional fees, we can deliver your required number of tables to you.

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